Nimurja is a concentrated pallet of neem plant part, containing highly potent bio-organic material of only neem fractions. This product is mixture like Nimbin, Nimbinin, and Nimbidin. Nimurja has been tried and certified by INDIAN COUNCIL OF AGRICULTURE RESEARCH, NEW DELHI.

  • Nimurja being 100% pure neem concentrate can be used as a soil applied bio-organic and fully biodegradable organic manure product to enhance soil condition like rectifying the soil pH, release of organic N-P-K & essential Micro & Macro nutrients, only with an effective percentage of neem oil acting as a potent insecticide, fungicide and Nematicide.
  • Nimurja helps to build up of humus and increases the water holding capacity of the poor soil.
  • Different type of alkaloids present in Nimurja play a distinctive role in controlling most of the harmful soil based nematodes like Root knot, lance nematode, stuby nematodes & Rotylencules reniformis nematodes etc.
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