Calmags is an unique soil conditioner which help to improve the soil condition. It contains calcium up to 20%, Magnesium up to 5%, Sulphur up to 20%. It act as pH and salt controller. Best suited for soil reclamation programme. Promotes cell wall division and help in up take of nutrients present in soil.

Calcium (Ca) : is a most important secondary plant nutrient. Play vital role in development of apical portion crop plant as well as enhance the cell division and development activity. Reduces salt in soil and make the soil soft and more fertile. Magnesium (Mg) : is central element of chloroplast which impart greening effect to the leaves and thereby encourage the activity of photosynthesis. Directly related to more food production in crop. Sulphur (S) : is most essential element for quality parameter improvement viz. increasing shining, impart various colours, increase oil percentage in oil seed crop, help in fight with weather stress. Also improve the various soil parameters viz. pH and availability of nutrient. It also acts as fungicidal activity.

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