Micro Nutrient-Fertilizer


Zincoforce is Soil Application Grade Mix Micro Nutrient approved government of Gujarat grade. It best suited in INM (Integrated Nutrient Management) program. All high yielding and hybrid variety required micro nutrient fertilizers with all major and secondary nutrient elements. Zincoforce plays vital role in managing the crop for commercial cultivation. It is prepared as per micro nutrient deficiency in Gujarat soil. It contain Zinc (Zn 5.0%), Iron (Fe 2.0%), Manganese (Mn 0.5%), Copper (Cu 0.2%) & Boron (B 0.5%).

*We have another brand of mix micro nutrients is BOROPLUS.

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Sampurn is liquid micro nutrients fertilizers as per government of Gujarat approved grade. It contains Fe-2.0%, Mn-0.5%, Zn- 4%, Cu- 0.3%, & B-0.5%. It is mainly use for drip irrigation, foliar application and drenching in soil.

  • It helps in photosynthesis for better absorption of carbon dioxide and work like catalyst to get trip otophone.
  • Improve flowering and fruiting.
  • Improve gain filling in cereals and grain crops.
  • Help in many enzymatic reactions of plants which responsible for quality parameters of crop plants.
  • Increase chloroplast in crop which helps in more food production.
  • Prevent fruit cracking in watermelon and cauliflower.
  • Increase the resistance power of crop against adverse weather condition.
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