Sulpha Gold 90%

  • Sulpha Gold is a Major plant Nutrient.
  • Sulpha Gold is the most important element after N.P.K.
  • Sulpha Gold 80 gms. is required for one Kilo of Nitrogen Utilisation.
  • Sulpha Gold is systemic type of essential nutrient and absorbed by plant.
  • Sulpha Gold ensures bumper crop.
  • Sulpha Gold Can be boon to achieve Healthy growth of crop for higher yield.

As it is in slow release elemental sulphur it provides more fertilizer use efficiency. It act as a plant food, It improves use of Nitrogenous fertilizer efficiency, It improves the quality of Product, viz. For Oil seed crop it increases the Oil percentage, For Aromatic plants it improves the Aroma and better Color manifestation, For Chillies and Garlic, it improves percentage of Capcicine content, In Maize and Wheat it improves dug quality. It acts as Fungicides thereby it controls initial stage of various Fungus.

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