Power Gibb

Power Gibb is used during the production of fruits and vegetables most commonly to improve fruit setting of clementines and pears (especially William pears); to loosen and elongate clusters and increase berry size in grapes, to control fruit maturity by delaying development of the yellow colour in lemons, to reduce rind strain and retard rind ageing in navel oranges, to counteract the effects of cherry yellows virus diseases in sour cherries, to produce uniform seedling growth in rice, to promote elongation of winter celery crop, to introduce uniform bolting and increase seed production in lettuce for seed, to break dormancy and stimulate sprouting in seed potatoes, to extend the picking season by hastening maturity in artichokes, to increase the yield in forced rhubarb, to increase the malting quality of barley, to produce brighter-coloured, firmer fruit, and to increase the size of sweet cherries, to increase yields and aid harvesting of hops, to reduce internal browning and increase yields of Italian prunes, to increase fruit set and yields of tangelos and tangerines, to improve fruit setting in blueberries, to advance flowering and increase the yield of strawberries, and also a variety of application on ornamentals.

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