Organic Manure

City Compost

Dharti Meal City Compost is FCO approved organic fertilizer which is prepared from sewage waste and urban waste material. Main concept of City Compost is to provide essential carbon-nitrogen ratio in 20:1 or less proportion to soil which help to reduce the harsh effect of non-judicious use of chemical fertilizers.

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Dharti Brand Cake-o- Meal is totally organic fertilizer. It is a mixture of different types non-edible oil cakes, Fishmeal, Lather meal, Bone meal, Neem (Limda ni minj no khol), other inedible fodder. Cake - O – Meal mainly contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium as well as minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Organic Carbon in abundance. C: N ratio for Cake- O- Meal is 20:1(Approx), which is beneficial for land texture and structure.

Cake-o-meal helps in liberating fixed Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash from Soil. Cake-o-meal prevents Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash from leaching deep in Soil or evaporating in air so that crop can avail full advantage. Decomposition of Cake-o-meal in Soil produces energy, which initiates growth of different microorganism. The soil becomes live due to presence of these Microorganisms. Cake-o-meal is beneficial for ‘Integrated nutrient program’. It is possible to get all the benefits of Chemical fertilizers like Urea, DAP, Potash by applying with Cake-o-meal. Cake-o-meal improves physical properties of soil i.e. Tilth capacity, fertility, productivity and compcanation to make it best for land.

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Neemforce is a Manure based Soil application in combination with other Nutritive elements, fraction of neem kernel containing highly potent bio-organic material. This product is mixture of concentrated Neem alkaloids like, Nimbin, Nimbinin and Nimbidin. Use of Neemforce prior to the sowing of crops essential to control soil based pest nematodes, Fungi, Microbes and other soil based insects. This is very useful combination to apply on the soils where there is acute problem of soil based harmful Nematodes.

Neemforce can be used as soil application bio-organic and fully biodegradable organic manure product to enhance soil conditions viz., rectifying the soil pH, release of organic N-P-K & essential Micro & Macro nutrients, only with an effective percentage of Neem oil acting as a potent Insecticide, Fungicide & Nematicide as prominent advantage. Neemforce helps to build up of humus and increases the water holding capacity of the poor soil.

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Calmags is an unique soil conditioner which help to improve the soil condition. It contains calcium up to 20%, Magnesium up to 5%, Sulphur up to 20%. It act as pH and salt controller. Best suited for soil reclamation programme. Promotes cell wall division and help in up take of nutrients present in soil.

Calcium (Ca) : is a most important secondary plant nutrient. Play vital role in development of apical portion crop plant as well as enhance the cell division and development activity. Reduces salt in soil and make the soil soft and more fertile. Magnesium (Mg) : is central element of chloroplast which impart greening effect to the leaves and thereby encourage the activity of photosynthesis. Directly related to more food production in crop. Sulphur (S) : is most essential element for quality parameter improvement viz. increasing shining, impart various colours, increase oil percentage in oil seed crop, help in fight with weather stress. Also improve the various soil parameters viz. pH and availability of nutrient. It also acts as fungicidal activity.

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Kisan Prom

Kisan PROM is unique type of phosphorous rich organic manure with organic carbon and phosphate solublising bacteria. It contains total phosphorous by w/w 10.4%, total organic carbon w/w 7.9%, total nitrogen w/w 0.4% and having C:N ratio < 20:1.
Kisan PROM is most useful for soil reclamization programme. Due to indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, soil health get deteriorated. To maintain soil health Kisan PROM play vital role.

  • Kisan PROM increases productivity of soil by increasing organic carbon in soil as well as easily provide phosphorous to crop in initial stage, which boost up root system and increase uptake of nutrients.
  • Best suited for soil application at the time of sowing and can used as top dressing with other fertilizers.
  • Improves soil fertility and normalise soil pH. Improves phosphorous availability to crop due to presence of phosphate solublizing bacteria.
  • Improves soild eco system due to inherent organic nature Kisan PROM can be used in Intigrated Nutrient Management Programme (INM)

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