Neemta 1500

In neem based product active ingredient content azadirachtin. Number of field trials carried out against different pests of paddy, jute, chilies, ladies finger, cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetable as well as agriculture field crops by Gujarat Agriculture University, Anand and showed promising results. Nimta 1500 has a very versatile mode of action like anti-feedent, insect growth disruptant, insect repellent, ovicidal, anti-ovipiositer and it changes the taste receptor of insect mouth. It also induce sterility in insect upon long use.

Nimta 1500 is very safe, eco-friendly insecticide. No impact on natural predator and parasites. It helps to break the resistance in insect. It improves socio-economical condition of farmers as cheap botanical pesticide. It is important for IPM module. It has non phyto-toxic and non-residual effect. Best suited for organic farming.

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