Neemforce is a Manure based Soil application in combination with other Nutritive elements, fraction of neem kernel containing highly potent bio-organic material. This product is mixture of concentrated Neem alkaloids like, Nimbin, Nimbinin and Nimbidin. Use of Neemforce prior to the sowing of crops essential to control soil based pest nematodes, Fungi, Microbes and other soil based insects. This is very useful combination to apply on the soils where there is acute problem of soil based harmful Nematodes.

Neemforce can be used as soil application bio-organic and fully biodegradable organic manure product to enhance soil conditions viz., rectifying the soil pH, release of organic N-P-K & essential Micro & Macro nutrients, only with an effective percentage of Neem oil acting as a potent Insecticide, Fungicide & Nematicide as prominent advantage. Neemforce helps to build up of humus and increases the water holding capacity of the poor soil.

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