Kisan Prom

Kisan PROM is unique type of phosphorous rich organic manure with organic carbon and phosphate solublising bacteria. It contains total phosphorous by w/w 10.4%, total organic carbon w/w 7.9%, total nitrogen w/w 0.4% and having C:N ratio < 20:1.
Kisan PROM is most useful for soil reclamization programme. Due to indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, soil health get deteriorated. To maintain soil health Kisan PROM play vital role.

  • Kisan PROM increases productivity of soil by increasing organic carbon in soil as well as easily provide phosphorous to crop in initial stage, which boost up root system and increase uptake of nutrients.
  • Best suited for soil application at the time of sowing and can used as top dressing with other fertilizers.
  • Improves soil fertility and normalise soil pH. Improves phosphorous availability to crop due to presence of phosphate solublizing bacteria.
  • Improves soild eco system due to inherent organic nature Kisan PROM can be used in Intigrated Nutrient Management Programme (INM)

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